We create conscious products for conscious brands.

Make the conscious upgrade with Omnium

Why Choose Omnium

Clean products are what we make.

We are a full service, contract manufacturing and private label company, offering turnkey solutions for your brand.

In addition to FDA Registered facilities, located in Hauppauge NY, Apex NC and Huntington Beach CA. We utilize high-speed equipment and new packaging technology for counting, filling, capping and sealing, liquid capsules and liquids. Our production team also handles label creation, printing, label application, shrink wrapping, and outer packaging.



Omnium provides quality private label, co-packing and bulk supply services for clients in the Dietary Supplement, Nutraceutical, HPP Beverage,
Cosmetic, Hair, Body, Skin Care and OTC industries.

Custom Formulations

We’ll help you Create/Formulate the next best product.

Depending on your formulation requirements, we can either adapt one of the products in our extensive inventory of base formulations or customize your formula from the ground up.

The Omnium Group Blog

Image showing wooden spoon with capsules and fresh vegetables in the background

Top Reasons to Switch to Vegan Supplements

There’s a reason why a plant-based diet has been gaining popularity these days. Aside from the essential nutrients that you can get from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts1, adopting a plant-based diet has been found to be effective in preventing and managing illnesses among adults and hypertensive people.2 In

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What is a CGMP Certification? Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you been entertaining the thought of pursuing business in the supplement industry? Then it’s about time that you learn about CGMP certification as well. Knowing how delicate food quality and safety are for everyone, it is essential to meet (or even exceed) the quality standards and requirements to protect your brand and your customers

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What are Vitamin Gummies? Here’s What You Need to Know

Vitamin gummies are a common favorite among children. Because of their sweet taste, these have become a popular alternative to hard-to-swallow pills or chewable tablets. With the convenience and fun factor that these gummy vitamins offer, even adults are already taking them. But are vitamin gummies good for you? Given the variety of gummy vitamins

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