CBD Private Label: The Solution to Your Growing Business Needs

With the growing demands for CBD products this 2022, many CBD business owners are already planning to expand their market by adding CBD skincare, CBD pain relief, CBD gummies, and other products to their line of business.

Because of its healing properties2, the global cannabinoid market has reached $2.8 billion in value in 2020 – with an estimated compound annual growth of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028.1 Because of this, more and more CBD-infused products are being introduced into the market at present.

As an entrepreneur, this is such an opportune time to start or grow further your business. With CBD private label companies like The Omnium Group that is very much capable of providing a high-quality private label, co-packing, and bulk supply services for all of your CBD products needs – from product development to label creation, printing, packaging, and all other manufacturing procedures – you can immediately begin your journey into the CBD market.

Like you, we are excited to explore the many possibilities that CBD can provide to your consumers. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about private label CBD.

What Does CBD Private Label Mean?

Simply put, private labeling refers to products, like CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD beauty products, and other essentials that are produced by manufacturers like The Omnium Group and sold under the retailer’s brand name.

This means that the CBD private label company will take charge of product development, sourcing out ingredients, and overall production and documentation needs, while entrepreneurs like you focus on bringing to the market your new line of CBD products.

Why Go for CBD Private Label?

As an entrepreneur, you know how taxing it is to start everything from scratch. The costs can be very extensive if you venture into the CBD business because you have to make sure that you have the infrastructure, equipment, manpower, certifications, and approval from the FDA, USDA Organic, Cruelty-Free International, NSF, and HACCP. All these you won’t have to go through if you partner with an established CBD private label company like The Omnium Group.

On top of all these start-up costs, you also have to ensure the cash flow as you have to invest in building brand awareness and optimizing your processes to attract consumers. Hence, CBD private label is a great way to reduce expenses, maximize resources, and grow your market.

Why Private Label Your CBD Products from The Omnium Group?

The Omnium Group is a total game-changer in the CBD industry. With our FDA-registered faculties, third-party laboratory accreditation, high-speed equipment, and new packaging technology, we are able to help expand already established CBD brands and guide many startups.

The CBD products manufactured by The Omnium Group are made from high-quality ingredients – following all safety regulations. We are capable of quickly delivering high-quality CBD gummies, pain relief, and beauty products at low minimums. If you have specific things that you want to highlight on your products, our highly skilled associates and experts are experienced in custom product formulation to meet your vision. Lastly, as a clean product manufacturer, we also do organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO CBD products.

If you are ready to take a step forward towards expanding your CBD business and would like to learn more about our wide selection of private label CBD products, don’t hesitate to contact us now!


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