Looking for Wholesale Natural Body Care? Here are the Best-Selling Products to Include in Your Brand

When it comes to body care products, those that are made from all-natural ingredients always come with an edge. With so many health concerns to deal with, who wouldn’t want to use safe and environment-friendly products, right?

The numerous benefits that natural body care products bring to the body – as well as their biological activities – have been the subject of great interest among pharmaceuticals, health food, and cosmetics industries.1 That’s why there is a wide array of body care products that are made available now in the market. Some are made from all-natural ingredients, while there are those that are made from synthetic and harsh chemicals.

Of course, as a responsible entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to provide nothing but high-quality natural body care products to your consumers. Here are the best-selling products that resonate with your advocacy for clean beauty.

5 Best Wholesale Natural Body Care Products to Include in Your Brand

Are natural products better? What are the benefits of organic cosmetics? Continue reading to learn more about the best wholesale natural body care products and the wonderful benefits that they bring to your consumers.

1. Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

How organic is your shampoo? Well, The Omnium Group’s anti-hair loss shampoo is so organic that it’s safe to eat! Yes. This shampoo is made from Ayurvedic herbs like soap nuts and shikakai that can help strengthen the hair without stripping the essential nutrients. This wonderful gift from nature is the perfect remedy for hair, scalp, and even some skin conditions.

2. Lavender and Basil Body Wash

Essentially made from green papaya leaves that are rich in natural oxidants known to treat skin diseases2, Lavender and Basil Body Wash cleanses and keeps your skin moisturized. This is free from sulfates, synthetic detergents, and preservatives.

3. Rejuvenating Magnesium Lotion

Literally overflowing with the natural organic benefits of aloe vera juice, shea butter, magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea, aspen bark, comfrey root, and other essential vitamins and minerals, this lotion keeps the whole body hydrated and skin soft and protected from photoaging.

4. Organic Baby Lotion

The Omnium Group’s Organic Baby Lotion is exactly what it sounds like: natural nourishment to moisturize and soften baby skin. It is superbly gentle to the skin and totally hypoallergenic to protect and heal the delicate skin of babies.

5. Magnesium Deodorant

Finally, a 100% organic and natural deodorant that provides odor protection! Magnesium deodorant was particularly formulated to help stop the growth of bad bacterial cell membranes and keep the underarm fresh and protected without using harsh toxic aluminum, irritating baking soda, and other nasty chemicals used by highly commercialized deodorants.

Ready to venture into the body care business? Get vegan-friendly, Ayurvedic, gluten-free, and plant-based wholesale natural body care products from The Omnium Group now!

All of the products manufactured by The Omnium Group’s FDA-registered facilities are made with the purest, full-spectrum botanical ingredients that are not only natural but also bioactive and therapeutic. Contact us and learn more about how we can work together to bring out the best natural body care products that would suit your brand and your customers!


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