Stability Chamber: What is it for and Why is it important?

The products that we are using right now did not magically appear in front of the manufacturers of the brands that we patronize. Everything that we are so fortunate to use and consume these days are the product of years of research, development, and never-ending studies of people working behind the colorful representations of those products marketed online.

One of the many unsung heroes in the industry is the ‘stability chamber’. This equipment plays an important role in the development of many products (like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements) and ensuring that these end-products have complied with the required standards for testing and that there are no defects before it is made available to the consumers.

What is a Stability Chamber? What is it for?

Stability chambers are specifically designed equipment primarily used for testing the products manufactured by the company and determining their shelf life.1 In most cases, these stability chambers resemble a large scientific refrigerator.2 However, instead of keeping its contents cool, its primary function is to replicate variations in temperature, humidity, and light exposure over long periods of time and varied conditions.

Because different products need different kinds of conditions for testing, it’s not practically and economically feasible to move these products to certain places just for climate condition exposures. Hence, the purpose of the stability chambers. With the use of this equipment, it becomes easier to assess changes that may affect product quality when exposed to various environmental conditions.

Why are Stability Chambers important?

Since these stability chambers are capable of providing precise, elevated temperature, and humidity levels, these can help determine the long-term, intermediate, and accelerated degradation of products or their packaging over a long period of time.

photo shows a sample of a Stability Chamber.
The photo above shows a sample of a Stability Chamber.

Stability chambers are often used by pharmaceutical companies to study the shelf life of a drug. If you look into your medicine cabinet, you’ll find a “use by” date on the prescription or other remedies available there. This is made possible by the stability chamber and stability test rooms.

Aside from complying with the requirements mandated by regulatory authorities, stability chambers and test rooms also help measure product stability, product degradation, packaging stability, and container stability to ensure the quality of the drugs, drug substance, pharmaceutical ingredients, food, dietary supplement, chewable, and many other materials.

And of course, knowing how these stability chambers play such a vital role in the testing of the performance of many products, it is expected that these should be regularly maintained during their lifetime. It is critical to ensure that these chambers function correctly and that the calibrations for various environmental conditions are precise and absolutely exact to what they tend to replicate.

Ensure Product Quality, Partner with The Omnium Group

With our commitment to provide high-quality products to our valued business partners, we at The Omnium Group have utilized high-speed equipment and new packaging technology for the production of our dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, skincare, body, and many other wellness products. Our team of qualified chemists and technicians is highly skilled in creating formulations and develop products tailored to the specifications of our brand partners.

To ensure the quality of the products we manufacture, on top of having FDA registered facilities, The Omnium Group has an in-house Environmental Test Chambers that is capable of providing multiple capabilities to create repeatable environmental conditions for numerous applications such as product shelf life, stability, and packaging testing, light exposure and temperature evaluation studies, electronic component burn-in, TAPPI testing, and photostability.

If you are planning to launch your own product and would want to be certain of its quality and shelf life, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Our team of expertly trained associates will be happy to help you bring your vision to life.


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