Top Reasons to Switch to Vegan Supplements

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There’s a reason why a plant-based diet has been gaining popularity these days. Aside from the essential nutrients that you can get from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts1, adopting a plant-based diet has been found to be effective in preventing and managing illnesses among adults and hypertensive people.2

In fact, a vegan diet has been associated with numerous beneficial effects on overall wellness, lifespan, immune system function, reduction of inflammation, cardiovascular health, as well improve the performance of an individual.3

Why Switch to Vegan Supplements?

But while a vegan diet can go a long way towards avoiding many health risks, vegans are also reminded to stay on guard against nutrient deficiencies – as many individuals fall short on Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, and omega-3, to name a few. To fill in this nutritional gap, many have considered adding vegan supplements to their daily routine to ensure that they still get the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by their bodies.

Aside from these wonderful benefits, many have made the switch to vegan supplements because of the demands of modern lifestyle. Not everyone can manage to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Many can no longer insert cooking and preparing healthy food (some even skip meals) into their schedule because they have to accommodate tons of workloads and responsibilities. For this reason, some have opted to take vegan supplements to provide them with the necessary vitamins and minerals that their body needs.

Some clinicians also make a plan for supplementation for pregnant women to address their nutritional needs – considering the inadequate intake of calcium, iodine, vitamin D, folate, and iron – to improve their health and preserve the health of their future children.5

Where to Get the Best Vegan Supplement?

You see, a lot of evidence has pointed out the many wonderful benefits of vegan supplements to the body.4 But what is the best supplement for vegans? What supplements do vegans have to take? Are vegan supplements healthy?

Like many vegan products, vegan supplements are safe from harmful chemicals because the ingredients and processes followed in manufacturing these healthy alternatives are plant-based. Vegan products do not contain animal-driven ingredients like beeswax, collagen, carmine, squalene, placenta, honey, and cholesterol.

If your brand also commits to providing vegan and cruelty-free products to your consumers, then we might just be the best manufacturer of vegan supplements that you are looking for here in Riverside and San Bernardino Valley, California. Like you, the Omnium Group is also a conscious manufacturer and private label company dedicated to providing unparalleled quality of products – like gummies, dietary supplements, cosmetics, CBD products – to our partner brands. Our products, facilities, and procedures are FDA-registered and also certified by Organic Certifiers and Cruelty-free International.

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4 Should You Take Dietary Supplements?

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