What does Private Label Skin Care Mean?

Don’t know how to start your own skincare line? Unfamiliar with formulation and product development? Interested in joining the growing online market industry? Then private labeling is the ultimate answer to all your queries.

For years of using different skincare brands, perhaps the thought of selling your own beauty products has already crossed your mind. Imagine having your own line of facial wash, moisturizer, cream, lotion, and many other skincare essentials. But probably like many others, you also don’t have any idea how to start – or maybe assumed that it would be way too expensive – so you end up just dismissing the idea.

Well, it’s no coincidence that you’re on this page; now is the perfect time to learn what is private label manufacturing, why choose to do private labeling and all the rest of the things that you have to know about private label for skincare.

What is Private Labeling and How does it work?

Simply put, private labeling refers to the selling of products that are manufactured by another company. These products (such as skincare) are labeled with the seller’s company brand but are not actually produced by them. Retail companies are given the freedom to provide product specifications and pay for the production and delivery of the finished product. With this business model, brands are allowed to outsource their products, as well as packaging needs, from manufacturing companies and label them as their own.

A number of brands have already adopted private labeling as this helps cut the costs of their products. This is very economic because, by nature, lower product prices can allow sellers to generate higher profit margins. Statistically, private label retailers usually get 10% higher profit margins than those who don’t outsource their products. According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, private label market share has already reached around 25% of unit sales in America – and it’s expanding faster than national brands.1

In 2019, private labels in the USA hit a total of $5.47 trillion total retail sales in their products and this is projected to go higher in 2024.2 Recent studies have shown how the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the surge of demands for online shopping and how it affected the shopping behavior of many individuals.3 Hence, the growing interest of many startups towards private labeling.

What is Private Label Skin Care?

Private label skin care pertains to the selling of pre-existing skincare products produced by reliable manufacturers, like The Omnium Group, and marketing these products as another skincare brand or selling it under the label of the skin care line’s owner. 

Yes, not all brands that you see online have their own group of formulators and scientists working in laboratories to create those skincare products that you so love. And they don’t have to. Most private label companies are already established and have a team of professionals who can custom formulate and do product developments. So, why start from scratch when there are experts who can tailor formulations that can cater to your specifications?

For this reason, private label skincare has been preferred by wellness centers, aestheticians, beauty practitioners, and startup skincare business owners.

Private Label in USA: Why Choose The Omnium Group?

If you are looking for a private label in the USA, particularly located in California (Riverside or San Bernardino), for your private label for skin care needs, then don’t hesitate to contact The Omnium Group.

Aside from providing quality private label services, The Omnium Group also caters to co-packing and bulk supply services. Knowing the true value of the consumers, we are committed to manufacturing quality and cruelty-free products, such as gummies, vitamins, CBD products, cosmetics, health supplements, and treatments, that are paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Our facilities are FDA approved and we have been utilizing top-notch high-speed equipment and packaging technology for our manufacturing processes – from creation to printing, labeling, shrink wrapping, and outer packaging.

Do not be the last to embark on the private label skincare venture. Nurture the trust that your consumers are giving to you by working with us. Allow our team of experts to help you develop the right formulation and packaging that would best suit your brand. Contact us now for details!


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