What is So Good about Hemp Lotion?

Wherever you are, hemp products like hemp lotion, hemp oil, and hemp creams are popping left and right. As a business owner, it’s quite normal to ask yourself how relevant is this trend to your brand and how you can expand your products and services to the growing needs of your consumers.

With its increasing popularity, many people are now looking into where to buy hemp lotion, hemp cream, and many other hemp products. As a versatile ingredient that comes with myriad healing benefits, maybe it’s about time that you consider partnering with a private label company that can provide you with your hemp product needs.

But of course, before diving into this new entrepreneurial endeavor, it is important to learn more about hemp and how good hemp lotion is.

Hemp Oil and Its Wonderful Benefits

Before hemp became widely accepted in the West, it has been long used by ancient civilizations for medicinal purposes.1 Upon the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the 20th century2, modern researchers became more interested in learning about the other wonderful benefits that it can bring to the body.

At present, hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are marketed as nutritional foods and cosmetics that contain high nutrient levels.3 Other people have also considered adding these to their dietary supplements as it may help prevent and treat inflammatory and chronic-degenerative diseases.4

In the beauty industry, big brands have also added the chemical compound from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, to their organic ingredients after learning how cannabidiol helps modulate the endocannabinoid system. Such interaction has been reported to have therapeutic potentials for cosmetic disorders and skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, pruritus, and many other inflammatory disorders.5

What’s So Good About Hemp Lotion?

Not only is hemp oil rich in nutrients, but it also works well with other organic ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, marshmallow root, lemongrass oil, cucumber, and many other skin revitalizing vitamins.

With this formulation, hemp lotions can penetrate well into the skin and help balance the skin’s moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. Hemp lotions also keep the skin nourished and glowing.

Where to Buy Hemp Lotion?

If you are looking for a private labeling company or manufacturer that has FDA-registered facilities and can accommodate and handle the production of your hemp-derived products and cannabinoid, like hemp lotion, pain relief cream, tinctures, and custom gummies, look no further.

The Omnium Group offers custom formulation and product development services for skincare, cosmetics, OTC, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and hemp-derived products. We have been working with a number of established and recognized brands and have provided support to startups as well.

As an entrepreneur, we know how demanding the industry can be, especially with all the regulations that need to be strictly followed. Let us be your skin care manufacturer and we will handle the entire process from formulation to branding, packaging, up to third-party testing for you.

Let us discuss how we can develop your own line of hemp-derived products like hemp lotion? CONTACT us now!


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