Why Venture into Vegan Skincare?

Plant-based diets have become increasingly popular around the world.1 So as in skincare. The leading brands in the industry, along with many startups, have opted to cut back on the harm they are doing to the animals and the planet by opting for a more sustainable and eco-friendly skincare product formulation made from natural ingredients and following vegan skincare product manufacturing procedures.

Yes, despite the limitations, conscious manufacturing companies are still capable of producing vegan products without animal ingredients. Through in-depth research, many private label vegan manufacturing companies have found alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, such as pectin instead of gelatin, aloe vera and comfrey root instead of synthetic chemicals.

Needless to say, natural ingredients are better options in comparison to their synthetic counterparts as they are in their natural state. Beauty enthusiasts believe that vegan skincare products are the most fitted choice for consumers nowadays – and the best choice for those who are starting their own beauty line.

What is Vegan Skincare? Why is it Cruelty-Free?

Not all skincare products made available in the market are vegan. Yes, most of those placed on beauty racks and popping up on your newsfeed contains animal by-products – from shampoos to creams, ointments, and lip balms. If you’re not keen on it, probably most of the skincare products you have at home are not vegan. By vegan, this means that the skincare products were created without any use of ingredients that come from animals, including animal by-products, like honey, milk, collagen, beeswax, and the like.

Simply put, vegan skincare products are developed by utilizing ingredients that come from plants. Now, when we say cruelty-free, this means that these skincare products were never tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Why Should You Venture into Vegan Skincare?

There is wisdom on why vegan skincare is massively growing in the beauty industry.2 People have slowly realized the importance of prioritizing health over superficial things. Hence, consumers nowadays are looking for healthier and cleaner skincare products – that are good for the planet and great for the skin as well.

The use of vegan cosmetics and vegan skincare products also helps eliminate the many issues brought about by the additives that come along with the synthetic ingredients added to non-vegan skincare products. With this, those who have sensitive skin or specific skin concerns are much more likely to enjoy the benefits that natural ingredients can bring to the skin.

In addition, by nature, plants have the capacity to help in the healing process of the skin as they contain significant pharmacological effects – like jojoba tree, ginseng, chamomile, grapevine, aloe vera, mimosa, papaya, comfrey, lemon, and ginkgo.3

Over the years, it’s becoming more and more evident how advantageous it is to use vegan skincare products. And as a business owner, you know how this could impact your skincare line. As early as now, you have to calculate well what specific skincare products you will be investing in.

Vegan skincare products obviously offer a plethora of remarkable advantages not only for you but most importantly to your consumers. We, at The Omnium Group, are so passionate about our advocacy for good health and wellness – of how important it is to use skincare products that are made from all-natural ingredients and processed following vegan procedures. As a full-service, contract manufacturing, and private label company, we make sure that our cGMP-certified and FDA-registered facilities are capable of producing vegan skincare products that are of top-notch quality without sacrificing the environment.

If you want to learn more about the vegan skincare products that we produce – and can develop for you – feel free to contact us today. Our expertly-trained associates will walk you through everything that you need to help bring to life your envisioned skincare products.


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